Certified Security Audits

Get your ERC20 Token or Smart Contract
Reviewed and Audited for Security

ERC20, DeFi & NFT

Specializing in ERC20 Token and DeFi & NFT Smart Contracts Audits, We can verify that your smart contract system works as intended by performing an audit. Launch your smart contracts with confidence.

Actionable Feedback

Our team takes a full review of your system architecture and smart contract codebase and writes a comprehensive report with actionable feedback for all issues found, including suggestions for improvement.

How do we audit?

How does our Auditing Process Work?

  1. Request a smart contract audit quote and choose to use our services. We are excited to collaborate with you.
  2. Our verification process includes four categories of analysis. Static analysis, manual analysis, design patterns and smart contract behavior. We manually go through your code, line by line, looking for any known issues and usage of industry best practices, and possibilities for any potential improvements or optimization.
  3. We send you the first smart contract audit report which contains detailed and comprehensive comments on issues found during the audit process, including improvement suggestions. Your team makes all the necessary corrections.
  4. If required, a remediation audit is performed to confirm the necessary fixes for issues that were found during the main audit process, and your beautiful PDF audit report is delivered to you.


Audits Completed




Lines of Code Audited

Our Customers

We're proud of who we work with.

ERC20 Token Audit for FTX Token FTX
ERC20 Token Audit for Project Serum SERUM
Smart Contract Audit for DuckDAO DuckDAO
Smart Contract Audit for DYP Finance DeFi Yield Protocol
ERC20 Token Audit for WOM WOM
ERC20 Token Audit for Aircoins AirCoins
Blockchain Consultation for Datachain Datachain
Blockchain Consultation for Braincities Braincities
ERC20 Token Audit for Krios Krios
ERC20 Token Audit for Lunch Money Lunch Money
ERC20 Token Audit for Trendtix Trendtix

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Why Audit with us?

Don't Compromise on Security.


Our work is rooted in the need for perfection. In the world of immutable code, every loophole, every bug is a vulnerability. Some can make you lose millions of dollars.


Work with us and you will understand the experience of collaborating with a professional security audit firm. We get the job done and deliver on time, every time.


Our relationship does not end after the delivery of the initial results of your audit. We work together with you to perform remediation audits for any required updates. We are your auditing partners, you can count on us to be there for you.


We exclusively focus on providing industry standard smart contract auditing services. This ensures that your audit is completely impartial and carried out by a genuinely independent third party - us.

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